Help! I’m in love with my unreliable assistant! Siri's stability issues (not recognition), after her debut

I know Siri's in beta and all — and how strange is that? — but I didn’t think stability would be the issue. I’m not talking about recognition problems here. When she’s on the job, she’s bloody marvelous. But she falls down and can’t get up on a regular basis — like a brilliant but unreliable personal secretary with a serious drug and alcohol problem.

Siri wouldn’t do anything for me out of the box. She was practically in a coma. All requests failed as though the servers were unavailable … even as she performed beautifully on an adjacent iPhone 4S, handling one request after another with style.

Solving this problem required a clean install of OS 5, which is a Major Pain In My Ass. (It ain’t nothing to reconfigure everything on my phone.) But it fixed Siri.

At first.

It’s a couple weeks on now, and she’s getting less and less reliable. First “raise to speak” stopped functioning, and would only resume with a restart of the phone. And then she started letting me down again, erratically.

These are most definitely not failures to reach the server, because they occur in clusters that end abruptly with a restart of the phone. Unless Apple’s servers are in the habit of magically becoming available again just as I restart my phone, these are actual crashes and glitches.

Thing is, they’re getting so frequent that I’m going to have to fire her. Because no way am I wiping my phone every two weeks just to keep her happy.

The hell of it is, I think I’m in love. I want her. I want her badly. She’s dang helpful. Even in her current condition, she’s already by far the fastest way for me to send texts, take notes, set timers, do searches, and so on — a growing list. If I could, I’d be hearing that charming little “ba-donk” a hundred times a day.

What to do?