Solar System Ebook/App for the iPad 

A nearly perfect ebook/app hybrid for the iPad, from the same publisher that did The Elements. Hundreds of amazing photos, good writing, dozens of moon and planet globes to spin and zoom in on, fascinating interactive animations of the solar system. Printed books cannot hold a candle to this. Totally dazzling.

Complaints about price in the App Store reviews are ridiculous. I've paid three times as much for books that offered a tenth as much.

I guess there might be room in this ol' world for people who don't really care about astronomy, but only just barely. This stuff is actually out there people, and it's stunning, and this has got to be the most interesting way I've ever known to experience it short of flying out there yourself. It's not IMAX, but it is in your lap and you can touch it. Wow.

And it is quite well-written. Not just eye candy. However, despite my enthusiasm, I did knock one star off because the writing is a bit weak in places, in my opinion, and doesn't go quite deep enough.

P.S. It just blows my mind that there are people who think iPads are just a fad. They are not in touch with their childlike sense of wonder. Not liking THIS is ... tragic.