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The tech and publishing phenomenon of ebooks.

Jun 16, 20 “Books” so bad they don’t deserve the name
Apr 28, 14 Safe landing after a leap of faith
Mar 18, 14 Sharing quotes in most ebooks is impossible
Apr 20, 13 Life on Earth: Dazzling interactive animations, and not much else
Apr 25, 12 DRM-free SF&F
Mar 2, 12 The user-unfriendly future of books
Jan 23, 12 How to read a Kindle book on two devices (after someone else in the family)
Jun 15, 11 My first tech prediction wins! Apple “loses” scrap over subscriptions
Mar 31, 11 Solar System Ebook/App for the iPad
Feb 19, 11 Making something public
Feb 18, 11 Forge your own future
Feb 8, 11 Complain to publishers about crap e-books
Feb 2, 11 Gruber gushes about ebook app
Jan 28, 11 That didn’t take long
Jan 20, 11 “Ebooks” link got clicked a lot less than “tutorials” link
Sep 28, 10 Authors Feel Pinch in Age of E-Books
Sep 10, 10 Books are already historical artifacts
Sep 8, 10 Baen gives away science fiction and fantasy ebooks