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Apple Mac computers and Mac OS X.

May 24, 21 Apple finally fixes the app update bug
May 5, 21 The M1 clones are coming
Apr 15, 21 “Unable to Download App”
Jan 5, 21 Impossible to efficiently remove video data from Apple’s “Live” Photos
Dec 14, 20 The M1 MacBook Air: Amazing hardware, shitty software
Jun 23, 20 Wanted: A Mac app for repeating to-dos
Feb 19, 20 Symlinks finally supported properly by Dropbox (at the expense of handy support for external symlinks)
Mar 30, 18 Bad Apple
Nov 29, 17 Worst ever Mac security bug found and fixed in a day
Mar 9, 17 You will use system text replacements in macOS whether you like it or not
Feb 22, 17 That Controversial New MacBook Pro (Touch Bar): A pretty good review
Dec 29, 16 Apple’s Universal Clipboard feature “just works” only when it’s in the mood
Feb 18, 16 Instant Hotspot My Ass: Apple’s super slow and unreliable “Instant Hotspot” feature
Nov 17, 13 A less glowing OS X Mavericks review
Jul 26, 13 BBEdit release notes
Feb 12, 13 Daisy-chaining with thunderbolt
Dec 24, 12 OS X’s LaunchPad: actually kind of great
Dec 20, 12 Mail search and “smart” mailboxes in Mac OS X Lion: the biggest promise and the biggest letdown
Dec 13, 12 Time Machine: still a janky mess
Dec 10, 12 So you think you want some AirPlay speakers
Nov 20, 12 Evernote, you’re going the wrong way
Sep 30, 12 Dragon Dictate ★★☆☆☆
Sep 10, 12 Bluetooth pairing is random
Aug 4, 12 Mountain Lion review in (26) bullet points
Jul 12, 12 First Retina Mac
Jul 9, 12 Fine-grained control is back
May 12, 12 Pairing Apple wireless keyboards, mice, trackpads: always a hassle
Mar 28, 12 F.lux ★★★★★ Perfect little thing
Mar 4, 12 xScope ★★★★★
Feb 5, 12 “Natural” beauty
Jan 30, 12 Apple’s Address
Jan 10, 12 Final OS X Lion review (shotgun) blast: a little bit of everything
Jan 10, 12 Micro-review of iCloud: Better than its sucky predecessor
Dec 28, 11 Some of Mac OS X Lion’s animations really miss the mark
Dec 4, 11 Finder & Mail: Core apps that still suck in Mac OS X Lion
Nov 22, 11 The law of low tech standards
Nov 20, 11 Mac OS X Lion: An allegedly mature OS?
Nov 14, 11 Three giant Apple displays and how (and why) I manage and use them, especially the brightness problem
Jul 20, 11 Before you install a new version of OS X: important safety tips!
Jun 15, 11 My first tech prediction wins! Apple “loses” scrap over subscriptions
Dec 29, 10 Mac Tip: Set a primary email address for a contact