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Sep 2, 21 Transparent sodium under pressure
Aug 27, 21 Many tiny posts versus fewer somewhat larger ones: the final battle
Jul 15, 21 Carl Sagan’s Star Wars criticisms
Dec 14, 20 The M1 MacBook Air: Amazing hardware, shitty software
Nov 17, 20 Why does rebooting solve so many tech issues?
Oct 19, 20 Thus was it written: quoting accuracy and pretentiousness
Sep 18, 20 A timely excerpt from The Plague, by Albert Camus
Sep 12, 20 Stolen Bike Part 3: The Haggling
Aug 17, 20 Keep waiting for Waiting for the Barbarians
Jul 30, 20 Tempting fate and the return of Stompy McStomperton
Jul 11, 20 Faking It
Jun 23, 20 Wanted: A Mac app for repeating to-dos
May 15, 20 “Like a machine”
Nov 19, 19 Apple Arcade games hopelessly buggy
May 30, 19 Game of Thrones: Flawed but still amazing
Apr 15, 19 Urgent “mobile first” design reboot for PainScience.com
Mar 22, 19 Becoming a little bored: review of Michelle Obama’s book tour
Sep 13, 18 My bizarre Amway experience, 25 years ago
Mar 1, 18 Lost and found
Feb 13, 18 Five Apple TV bugs that make this gadget hard to recommend
Jun 30, 17 Dear Excessively Polite Drivers
Mar 9, 17 You will use system text replacements in macOS whether you like it or not
Dec 29, 16 Apple’s Universal Clipboard feature “just works” only when it’s in the mood
Jul 23, 16 A memorable evening with Steve Martin
Feb 18, 16 Instant Hotspot My Ass: Apple’s super slow and unreliable “Instant Hotspot” feature
Oct 16, 15 Actually maybe aliens at work: the plausibility of stellar-scale alien engineering
Apr 17, 15 No Apple Watch yet: One deal-breaker to rule them all
Mar 11, 15 Shirt alert!
Feb 17, 15 Tile review: meh
Jan 29, 15 Keeping Business Small: Why I rejected a real publishing offer
Nov 24, 14 Linking as Activism: The surprising political power of linking, when it’s done right
Oct 2, 14 Three good memorization tips
Jun 15, 14 The ultimate discovery
Jun 10, 14 The syrup story: Chapter 5 of my odd success story
Jun 6, 14 A real vacation
May 21, 14 Elite, expensive massage training: Chapter 4 of my odd success story
May 7, 14 Revenge of The Pig! Chapter 3 of my odd success story
Apr 15, 14 Writer’s Dreams: Chapter 1 of my odd success story
Apr 13, 14 The case of the missing space: Why did double-spacing disappear?
Apr 11, 14 Beating extreme worry
Apr 10, 14 How I make a good living as a writer
Apr 3, 14 Cursed! Cosmic malice on a small scale
Apr 1, 14 Belisarius: Rome’s last amazing general, and the loss of Italy
Feb 28, 14 Bogus Bose
Feb 16, 14 Organizing iCloud accounts for the whole family
Feb 6, 14 A sabbatical post-mortem: Finish your career in just nine weeks!
Oct 1, 13 Fiction & Science Fiction in Ancient Rome
Sep 25, 13 What’s useful in iOS 7 (and not one word about aesthetics)
Sep 13, 13 Target Blank Is Evil
Sep 3, 13 Hey, introverts! Small talk isn’t “shallow,” you just suck at it
Sep 3, 13 Yet another Pebble review (but this one mentions things I didn’t read about anywhere else)
Aug 21, 13 The early Roman emperors, quickly
Aug 14, 13 Spartacus, Andy Whitfield, and when to worry about back pain
Feb 13, 13 The Sonic Hedgehog Gene
Feb 3, 13 How & why to link: a super simple guide to good internet linking
Jan 7, 13 SPF Validation: The email spoof-busting technology that sounds like sunscreen
Dec 31, 12 Acute Hyperprojectemia
Dec 24, 12 OS X’s LaunchPad: actually kind of great
Dec 20, 12 Mail search and “smart” mailboxes in Mac OS X Lion: the biggest promise and the biggest letdown
Dec 10, 12 Eek…yuck…phew! Emotional reactions to my competition
Sep 30, 12 Why You Should Publish Straightforward Contact Information on Your Website
Aug 4, 12 Mountain Lion review in (26) bullet points
Jul 29, 12 It Figures
Jun 22, 12 True Customer Service Story: A slice of the e-business life
Jun 16, 12 Some people think Prometheus is a great film
May 12, 12 Pairing Apple wireless keyboards, mice, trackpads: always a hassle
Apr 19, 12 Astronomy hobby rebooted!
Apr 8, 12 No on-device data plan activation on the 4G iPad
Apr 2, 12 How many calories is it really? The dissection and analysis of Sushi Combi B
Mar 25, 12 The deep cosmos at 264 pixels per inch: a monster astrophoto on the new iPad
Dec 28, 11 Some of Mac OS X Lion’s animations really miss the mark
Dec 12, 11 Cargo review ★☆☆☆☆ Where’s the “smart,” exactly?
Sep 4, 11 Returning to science fiction after a 15-year pause
Aug 5, 11 A game point, and the best life has to offer
Aug 3, 11 Best and worst of Amsterdam
Jul 15, 11 How I met my wife and she totally thought I was gay
Jun 13, 11 Goodbye, Lovely Cat
May 22, 11 The grind of entrepreneurship: hyper-vigilant e-business babysitting while on holiday in Amsterdam
Feb 6, 11 Anti-intellectual worship of weak “mysteries”
Oct 9, 10 Radiolab Does War of the Worlds
Oct 3, 10 Book review (and my first ebook): An Oblique Approach, by David Drake & Eric Flint
Sep 18, 10 The craziest thing I have ever found in my salad
Sep 10, 10 Books are already historical artifacts
Jan 19, 10 10-Minute Guide to HTML: A quick tutorial mainly for contributors to ScienceBasedMedicine.org