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Sep 14, 22 25 years of mediocre but extremely enthusiastic ultimate: a memoir
May 20, 21 Weird chronic illness versus weird COVID vaccine side effects
Apr 10, 21 The new online store story (“If only I had procrastinated more”)
Dec 14, 20 I don’t know what COVID test result I want
Nov 20, 20 Dwarf galaxies are my new favourite thing in astronomy
Sep 7, 20 Google snippet dates — a bag of hurt
Feb 19, 20 Symlinks finally supported properly by Dropbox (at the expense of handy support for external symlinks)
Jan 15, 18 Chronic Pain and Tragic Irony: I started out helping people with chronic pain and now I have it
Feb 22, 17 That Controversial New MacBook Pro (Touch Bar): A pretty good review
Sep 12, 16 A Story of Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Gone Horribly Wrong
Dec 14, 15 A domain move disaster
Oct 19, 15 A rock in my throat: The story of a terrible tonsil stone
Jun 26, 14 That’s not my thigh: the chapter with some sex in it (the better to make you click, my dear)
Apr 28, 14 Is an expensive waterproof jacket worthwhile? How I finally learned what I needed to know about hard shell jackets by accidentally buying a good one
Apr 24, 14 The Expensive Farm: Chapter 2 of my odd success story
Mar 21, 14 Basis smartwatch review: It may have more sensors, but it doesn’t seem to do much with the extra data
Feb 28, 14 Fuck Bluetooth
Nov 21, 13 Uh oh, success! There are few things in life as demanding as an unexpectedly vigorous small business
Nov 17, 13 A less glowing OS X Mavericks review
Feb 10, 13 The Comfort Kit! An emergency kit for modern living
Dec 10, 12 So you think you want some AirPlay speakers
Dec 8, 12 And Lion’s "New" Mail? Oh, unredeemable Mail…
Nov 22, 12 The Trouble With Unitless Line-Heights: How to (efficiently) declare lots of line-heights in CSS for multiple target layouts
Jun 2, 12 A pretty darn harsh review of Coda 2
Apr 2, 12 How I lost 25 lbs and why I couldn’t have done it without beer
Mar 31, 12 iPad 3 ★★★★☆
Mar 15, 12 The myth of the sideline trap in ultimate: Why “trap for one” is a bad idea that usually gets your team broken and scored on
Jan 10, 12 Final OS X Lion review (shotgun) blast: a little bit of everything
Dec 4, 11 Finder & Mail: Core apps that still suck in Mac OS X Lion
Nov 18, 11 Priority Pie! Graphing procrastination
Nov 14, 11 An office for writing, at last!
Nov 14, 11 Three giant Apple displays and how (and why) I manage and use them, especially the brightness problem
Nov 1, 11 Googling Your Brain: How (and why) to build your own everything database
Mar 11, 11 I, Pad: The First Year
Jan 2, 11 Science Fiction Fans: Lower Your Standards!
Dec 15, 10 White hot hate for iPhoto 9
Nov 21, 10 What, Me Worry?