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Website design and development.

Nov 19, 19 Websites are like young teenagers
Jun 5, 19 Affinity schmaffinity! Still no export preview
Apr 15, 19 Urgent “mobile first” design reboot for PainScience.com
Dec 11, 15 HTTP/2 is going to change the Internet
Apr 6, 15 Still stuck with Adobe, because only Adobe exports well
Nov 24, 14 Linking as Activism: The surprising political power of linking, when it’s done right
Apr 13, 14 The case of the missing space: Why did double-spacing disappear?
Nov 1, 13 Poltergeist diagnosed
Sep 20, 13 This is web development
Sep 13, 13 Target Blank Is Evil
Feb 3, 13 How & why to link: a super simple guide to good internet linking
Nov 22, 12 The Trouble With Unitless Line-Heights: How to (efficiently) declare lots of line-heights in CSS for multiple target layouts
Sep 30, 12 Why You Should Publish Straightforward Contact Information on Your Website
Sep 20, 12 The end of old browser support
Jul 12, 12 First Retina Mac
Jul 11, 12 WebKit forever
Mar 15, 12 No more skimping on web image quality
Mar 4, 12 xScope ★★★★★
Jul 27, 11 And then I have a valid martini
May 22, 11 The grind of entrepreneurship: hyper-vigilant e-business babysitting while on holiday in Amsterdam
Oct 1, 10 The (IE6) witch is dead
Jan 19, 10 10-Minute Guide to HTML: A quick tutorial mainly for contributors to ScienceBasedMedicine.org