Things 2 is amazing

I’m a GTD (Getting Things Done) nut. I ditched OmniFocus after a year—the UI was just too byzantine—and became a Things man. It’s been great. I’ve been trucking along with Things for a couple years now. And Things 2, just released…oh myy!

Things 2 is just one of the best app updates I’ve ever seen. The infamously long wait was worth it. After a month of hard use, I can say that Things 2 signature syncing feature works SUPER well. Simplest, fastest, most reliable sync I’ve ever used. Sync is insanely hard to do right, and they totally nailed it in a way I’m not sure I’ve ever seen before.

Update mid-2013: yep, still think they nailed it. Things is absolutely the most important GTD app I have.