Things that talk to you in the night

Recently I was woken in the middle of the night by a woman’s voice in the bedroom, so clear and so close that my heart pounded and my mind raced. I sat up, staring hard into the darkness. There was no one there. I’ve always been a particularly vivid dreamer, prone to crazy-ass nightmares that wake me up in the wee hours, so even though this impression of a woman talking was super strong, eventually I chalked it up to brain weirdness, let it go, calmed down and tried to get back to sleep.

Then, once I was almost asleep again, she spoke again. This time I leapt out of bed and ran around the apartment looking for the mysterious woman. Nothing! I gave up, went back to bed, slowly calming down again, but feeling just a bit crazy. (I was strongly reminded of a strange, still-mysterious auditory hallucination I had last summer.)

Then she spoke a third time, but this time I wasn’t so sleepy, and I heard exactly what she said, loud and close, in fact coming from the bureau at the foot of the bed:

Jambox battery is getting low.”

See my review of the Jambox, Jawbone’s Jambox too clever by two-thirds.