Three odd entries in the Gym Diaries

Gyms are a great place to watch people do stupid human tricks… and do my own. Three odd entries from the Gym Diaries today…

CHAPTER 1: I’m sure this broken thing is fine

Big sign on chest press machine: “MACHINE BROKEN. DO NOT USE.” So a middle-aged lady sits down and starts using it! Another woman tries to talk her out of it, but she blows her off. Her “reasoning”? Just variations of “I’m sure it’s fine.”

What could possibly go wrong?

CHAPTER 2: I’ll just clean that for you again

A hawt dude & hawt lady were working out on the bench press nearby. (Hawtness irrelevant — I’m just adding colour.) I finish and wipe my machine down, as one does. Dude gets up, fetches paper towel, goes to *my** machine, wipes it down again…returns to where he was. Doesn’t look at me. Never uses the machine.

What, I didn’t do it right?

CHAPTER 3: I can’t do that except when I can

It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t know that what you’re doing is impossible. I got notes mixed up and added ~20% load to my max lats pull-down… but I blasted through normal set thinking just, “Huh, this feels rather hard today. And I thought I was feeling good!” I’d like to emphasize that I keep pretty close track of my maximum, and I really did not think I could do that much more. But I did.

Accidental awesomeness!