The time for hesitation is over

Another de Adder comic gem, “Adrift In A Sea of Trouble”: a helicopter labelled “VACCINES” hovers over a man adrift in the sea, viruses circling him like sharks. “No way! I’m not a sheep” he says.

Some people just won’t let you rescue them. Another cartoon I saw: “You can’t fix stupid,” a woman says wearily. “I can!” replies a virus.

Widespread vaccine refusal is the most dramatic, disastrous social phenomenon I have witnessed in my lifetime.

On This Week In Virology #775, Dr. Griffin described the damage done by a single unvaccinated camp counsellor — how he gave the virus to a 3-year-old, which then severely disrupted the lives of the child’s family. No serious illness or death, but hardship and heartbreak and deep worry… all because a camp counsellor couldn’t be bothered to get vaccinated.

I am getting really sick of the term “vaccine hesitant.” The time for hesitation is over.