Websites are like young teenagers

Websites are like young teenagers: you can leave them alone some of the time, and they will usually be fine… but drama is inevitable. Left to their own devices long enough, they will screw up royally. It’s like their job.

Exhibit A for the case that websites do not run on automatic…

I installed MultiPHP Manager on cPanel so I could upgrade my production server to PHP 7.3. That’s the most current version of the programming language that powers my website, and bazillions of others. It was kind of a big deal getting to the point where I could do this.

It keeps spontaneously reverting to 5.6. Which is very, very WTF-y of it. Oh, tech. (Or just “user==paul” as a friend of mine would put it.)

It has done this three times now for sure, probably four. I change it to 7.3 and it sticks for about a week or two and then reverts. Seriously. I asked the company that I rent my server from:

Web host: It shouldn’t do that.

Me: Ya think?!

Just a bizarre issue… but they all are, until you know what’s going on. Tech has become an astonishingly tall house of cards, an unintended consequences machine.