Weird, cool Queen concert follow-up item: the crinoline thing

Dr. Brian May — Queen’s legendary guitarist — is even more impressively eccentric than I thought. He has co-authored a history of… wait for it … crinolines (Victorian hoop skirts). 🤔

Plus there’s this intriguing photography angle:

May owns one of the largest private collections of Victorian photography in the world, including a vast assembly of stereoscopes from the 19th-century craze for double photographs which, through the special viewers, created startlingly convincing 3D images.

During the concert on Sunday night, Brian used a “stereoscopic selfie stick” to take a picture of himself with the audience. The video was projected onto the big screens as he slowly turned around and got a photo of himself with all of us. It was a really neat effect! (Brian hasn’t posted the selfie video from Vancouver, but he’s posted several from other concerts, like this one.)