Weirdest refund request yet

Over the last ten years running, I have had a lot of odd experiences with people asking for refunds, but this one takes the new top spot. On July 7, 2017, Jane bought my plantar fasciitis tutorial. Access logs show that she loaded it up twice that day, and then never again. In theory she could have read the whole thing, or at least a bunch, but it’s unlikely. All I know for sure is that she only opened it once.

Fifteen months later, I received a terse request for a refund from Jane: “May I please have a refund?” This was rather unusual, so I asked for confirmation and — if she didn’t mind, not required, just requested — some kind of explanation.

… She replied that she had no idea what I was talking about. Or who I was. She hadn’t asked for any refund. She didn’t remember buying anything from me ever, let alone what it was.

I wrote back and explained to her exactly what she had purchased. None of it rang any bells for her. She didn’t even remember having plantar fasciitis. “I buy a lot of things online,” she wrote. “I lose track.”

Since she obviously got little or not value from the purchase, I offered to proceed with the refund. She never replied, so I guess I’ll keep her money for at least another year or two.