Whip it real good: the actual distance record for a dog catching a flying disc

The tweet claims: “Dog setting the world record with an 83 yard frisbee catch. 🔥” Great throw and catch and I love it … but not a record, not even close. 😉 That’s still 134 yards for Davy Whippet and Rob McLeod in Canada in 2012. As the commenters note, perhaps the most amazing thing about the accomplishment is that the Davy Whippet brought the disc back rather than running around the a dozen times first (whippets have priorities, and their priorities are running, running, and running). For context, I can do 60-70 yards with a 175g Ultrastar in still conditions, and definitely 90 on a good day with a decent tailwind and a kiss from lady luck. And I am far from a world-class thrower. Far, far, far. Despite my best efforts for a quarter century now, I remain merely a “good” thrower of Frisbees, one of the many humblings of my life. Turns out I can’t do anything I put my mind to… 😠