The results of last night’s game of ultimate,1 and one of the best catches I’ve ever made…

Game was running long. We were tied and capped, with the next point winning the game. The other team almost scored twice. Then I took it back our way, passed it to one of our better throwers midfield, and saw a clear chance to score: I had a three step advantage on my (young, fast, taller) check. A long sprint, but do-able, so I bolted.

The pass was good enough, high and fast over my head as we entered the end zone, a hard catch. I did my maximum vertical at speed and touched it, but my mark had caught up to me and managed to tap the disc on the back edge before I could get a grip, shooting it to the back of the end zone and probably impossible to salvage, especially after coming down from a big jump. But came down still sprinting and laid out. I snagged the disk, about six inches off the ground, in bounds, scoring for the win with an extremely improbable catch that must have looked really great — everyone went nuts, even the other team. Total Friction Gloves catch!

  1. Ultimate is a Frisbee team sport, co-ed and self-refereed, with soccer-like intensity and usually the mood of a good party. Players tend to be jock-nerd hybrids: lots of engineers and scientists. Hippies invented the sport, but have mostly been displaced. I’ve been playing since 1997. ↩︎